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Gerry is a coffee drinker and television executive in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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  1. Hi Gerry-

    I watched your video on refilling a k-cup and using the my k-cap. I noticed you said that you filled it a few millimeters below the top. As a Canadian, I appreciate the use of metric, but was surprised to see in the About Me that your live in Austin.

    So are you a Canadian ex-pat, an engineer/scientist, or something else?


    -Rob A>

    • Rob:

      Thanks for your comment. Actually I’ve spent so much time around world-wide forums for photography (my other passion) and car sites that I just simply default to metric for measurement on the site. It seems natural and courteous to recognize metric as the standard measurement throughout the coffee-drinking world!

  2. Hi Gerry, so ya think you’re cheap? I got tired of paying so much for k cups so I now remove the foil and rinse them out and reuse them with my own finely ground coffee. I place it in the reusable device with a metal mesh filter but don’t use that part. It works ok so far. So is there a taste or safety issue with this? I also use only reverse osmosis or bottled water in my keurig. I saw your comment about keurig not making the best coffee. What machine do you suggest? Great coffee site! Thanks

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